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review of 'it's only love' by 'zenboy1955' liquid drops of slide guitar ripple on the vast smooth surface of attention. restraint on your...
review of 'your heart' by 'scomber' quite dark and brooding. love that low end. great restraint! special :) i am relieved you were able to record, and i am also grateful to john jones for helping you out. always a moment of
...t now, so as not to strain the ecological balance of ccmixter and the world's largest internet node de cix around the corner from me
...xing. beautifully restrained glitches. crazylittle floats like a feather in the middle of it all. 7:36 of chill perfection.
...ess is more". the restraint increased the tension. well done.
review of 'spacedust' by 'radioontheshelf' when our eyes strain to see the truth there will always be good music[up][/up]
...skills defy time constraints! you know how to craft a song!! great dynamics. [up][/up]
...g? takes too much restraint. totally understand the desire to break out the guitar. nicely done. [up][/up]
...ts. i admire your restraint :)
review of 'why i left for boston' by 'scomber' great restraint shown here, showcasing the story and great delivery and making it shine [u...
review of 'wordless' by 'a life of labors' nice, relaxing vibrant sound variety brain de strain.
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