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...elpful, i'd like to provide it. but i'm not sure how to proceed. the 24-bit raw track seems to be the most valuable, but even with f
... not, all the time, provide edit / manage details. occasionally it does and when i update the update info is not there. all my othe
...ven if you can only provide 2 lines of rap, we would greatly appreciate your contribution. please note that some samples will be
...or any help you can provide!
...sense to be able to provide links to sound files rather than uploading them? some of us probably have decent hosting plans where
singers for hire (well, not really hire) i'm looking out for singers who are willing to take time to provide melodies for an electronic j...
...ore information you provide here, the easier it is for us to give what you want) drum start: "e.g." "e.g." (basic
...s a music artist to provide a quality audio backdrop for our games. if you are interested in more information, please mosey on ov
...they aim instead to provide a pleasing reality in the fantasy of divergent musical ideas. life is not lived in neat packages, but ra
...your song and if it provides access to our loop content by itself, this would allow users to grab the loop and use it. this would go
...ter speakers. i can provide multitrack aifs if any mixmasters out there want to help ... or better yet, just school me. b) arrang
...ollowing lyrics are provided here under a by-nc creative commons license" and make the license text a hyperlink to cc, does that "wo
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