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...n which performers' individual capabilities and the circumstances of a particular performance (e.g., hall acoustics) may determine c
fangbaby tracks check out the fully mixed tracks on our webpage: i posted the individual tracks for our ep, ...
...ave to credit every individual sample? if that is the case then i better start a bookkeeping log lol. i do some sound collage and it
...ontest with our own individual set of skills (well, okay, actually two contestants shared the same set of skills, but i’m not sayi
... :) if u want to taste them, just click on my profile. i hope u enjoy them cheers perlssdj
... think it's nice... taste it, and if u like the song try to watch or to download the videoclip at my web, the link is on my profile.
...his is also true of individual samples ([url=]example[/url]). i know [b]in theory[/b] th
...treamed, downloaded individually or as a whole and these, together with covers are released under creative commons license. we in
... (they would upload individual parts of their original as samples and then the fully mixed track as a remix.) besides not being i
...ia of selection: 1) taste. yes, yes, taste because if it is not present the remix whatever one may do will turn out all the same not
...ou should submit [i]individual tracks[/i] of your work (a cappella vocals as well as instrumentals) to give the producer or dj a ric
...sources then upload individual stems/samples using 'manage files' menu item and mark them as 'sample'. creative commons is very s
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