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Viewing 0 - 12 of 43 matches total because they are friends of mine). and i know there's a wealth of brilliance around this neighborhood that could shed some new li
on a mission greetings! i'm on a mission to find new music for myself and a friend. he has given me access to a private server for uplo...
... babies - robot girlfriend (tech trance remix)[/small][/green] i plan on doing some other volumes, namely a dark techno volume an
happy holiday thanks [red]just a little thank you[/red] [green]on this holiest of eves [red]for the friendship and the music[/red] for...
...e three of musician friends but they are not very interested except one of them.)i am new in this ,do i have to go make records to m
...i heard from an old friend this morning, namely the reason i ever got involved with digital music- if you want to know who's fault i
... id3tags are your friends :)
paloseco brazz - you tube to all my friends in ccmixter!. i posted some music in you tube that is not available here (classical, jazz) pl...
here kitty kitty so, what happened to porchcat? any news since he dissappeared from secretmixter thread? any of his irl-friends here? [b]email a friend[/b] send a link and a note to a friend about an upload (yes, you can do this with your own, that's what anyway… a good friend of mine is the new resident dj at club mansion in boston, is it ok for him to play one of the mixes i’v
unpublishing...what does it mean? hello! i've had the pleasure of being directed to this amazing site by a friend and it's been nothin...
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