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...ult to explain, but consistently each track you produce opens a place in my heart and feeling in my body that is only found when i l
...buried, it does not consistently sound out front. also, in place feels like the snare is interfering with the voice. do you side
...he 70s, the sky was consistently 50 shades of brown.
review of 'supersonic whispers' by 'subliminal' you have consistently good remixes and this one is no exception.
...ach is distinct and consistently pushes the boundaries of convention! [up][/up][up][/up] are bringing it consistently. nice work.
review of 'nightwalk' by 'sackjo22' your work is consistently a sensory experience. thank you for sharing your gifts with us so freely.
...sages, makes this a consistently rich and interesting listen.
..., clear production (consistently!). what a nice long fade at the end. you and kara in neverland -- sounds like a hell of a good time
review of 'fallwind' by 'sackjo22' you consistently deliver impeccable work. beautifully arranged and produced. a stellar track. bravo!
review of 'indian summer' by 'speck' i'm noticing lately your excellent taste in sample selection and your consistently impressive skill ...
review of 'that'd b u' by 'songboy3' damn. how do you do it so consistently? just one piece of sexy goodness after another. again, i s...
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