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Reviews for "lightSoy"

by airtone
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Sun, Feb 11, 2024 @ 3:05 AM
Hans Atom
permalink   Sun, Feb 11, 2024 @ 3:08 AM
Man! There are so many good mixes up here, but this is…my favorite now! Ed picked!
The well arranged synths. Round sinus. Itchy edgy 8-bit. I love the peacefull calmness in the music that is so uplifting. It is difficult to do so. You are a little Bach.
permalink   airtone Mon, Feb 12, 2024 @ 9:25 AM
many thanks for the ed pick 🙂
permalink   Sun, Feb 11, 2024 @ 4:22 AM
Beautifully ambient piece for the travelling soul
Joel Frijters
permalink   Sun, Feb 11, 2024 @ 4:45 AM
Gorgeous work here! :D

With a lush playground of Apoxode you found some gems and really made them shine! :D

Great work! :D
Bernard L'ermite
permalink   Sun, Feb 11, 2024 @ 4:48 AM
it’s so beautiful I want to cry 8)
permalink   Sun, Feb 11, 2024 @ 9:30 AM
Arguably, one of the best things to wake up to in the morning :)
You found the beauty in some near forgotten sounds to build something even better, all with your signature touch.
Thank you so much, airtone, I am very happy to have been remixed by you :)
permalink   Sun, Feb 11, 2024 @ 9:51 AM
Nice one! I was taken to a universe in the metaverse where pixelated angels served breakfast in bed. Then I got up and made myself some coffee and let the sunshine in.
permalink   Sun, Feb 11, 2024 @ 9:57 AM
Lovely gentle sparkling movement. Delicious.
permalink   Sun, Feb 11, 2024 @ 12:38 PM
you are magician of sound Martyn and have utized Apoxode’s source with brilliance. as i listen, i’m transported into a realm to which only Airtone holds the keys. there is a certain je ne sais quoi in your beautiful music. it is difficult to explain, but consistently each track you produce opens a place in my heart and feeling in my body that is only found when i listen to you. thank you for this lovely gift today. listening a second time already.
permalink   Sun, Feb 11, 2024 @ 11:08 PM
permalink   Mon, Feb 12, 2024 @ 1:18 AM
Airtone+Apoxod= Perfect
permalink   Mon, Feb 12, 2024 @ 2:34 AM
I listened to this track with headphones, what a fantastic chilled out journey. A well deserved Ed pick.