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Reasonably Same
by Speck
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Fri, Feb 9, 2024 @ 4:14 AM

Uses samples from:

Vibhu Tewary
permalink   Fri, Feb 9, 2024 @ 9:59 AM
Nice.. Chilled.. Laid back.. 😀
permalink   Fri, Feb 9, 2024 @ 10:57 AM
Outstanding bit of mixing. I love the way the piece starts with a glitchy feeling as the tracks emerge. Barely hanging together but eventually sticking together like superglue.
permalink   Fri, Feb 9, 2024 @ 11:24 AM
Starts out like an exersize in minimalism, but then once you get the relish jar open it’s embellishment-a-la-trombone…on a backing “made with Reason.” The irony.
permalink   Fri, Feb 9, 2024 @ 12:57 PM
Love the build-up, the anticipation was greatly rewarded.
That is one fantastic backing track, the way it unfolds is immersive all the way.
Excellent sample share, too, this will be quite fun to explore :)