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by Jeris
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Mon, Apr 6, 2020 @ 6:10 PM
permalink   Mon, Apr 6, 2020 @ 11:41 PM
really enjoyed this one also, thanks for stepping to do these secret mixes, covering a range of styles at very high quality in short space of time
permalink   Tue, Apr 7, 2020 @ 8:13 AM
Funky beats, I like your approach with teasing the rollers :)
Lots of range with the different tones, and that scratching in the middle was a nice treat :)
permalink   Tue, Apr 7, 2020 @ 8:37 AM
i want to sit in the funky garden, drink up the sun, and listen to this track on repeat. you’re amazing Jeris!
Kara Square
permalink   Tue, Apr 7, 2020 @ 9:06 AM
Chillaxing to the max… lovely. Thanks for leaving no mixter behind! And thanks for sharing your peaceful vibe on ccM.