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Checkmate (Nuclear War Acapel...
by coruscate
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Fri, Jan 5, 2024 @ 11:28 AM

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permalink   Mon, Jan 8, 2024 @ 10:40 PM
Very thoughtful and considered perspective of the atomic age!
The game you speak of has left an indelible amount of pollution all over the world.
Even if nothing is launched, it’ll eventually kill a lot of people with radioactivity (yikes).
A sobering reflection of the nuclear elephant in the room.
permalink   coruscate Wed, Jan 10, 2024 @ 5:51 AM
Thank you for the listen. As I’m close to putting out the beats I’ve re-recorded the pell and provided edited and unedited versions.

The stem splitter is fun. I’m slowly hunting down unused samples for victims 不不不不

The first one I tried it on is fun saloon music… Once I can get this one section to not sound like mud 不
permalink   Apoxode Wed, Jan 10, 2024 @ 9:27 PM
It’s one good (possibly bad depending on your view) outcome of hyper-analytical software to have stem removal. Before I had multi-channel, I just mixed it all at once, now I can take out parts. Plus there’s a grip of old ccMixter stuff that I want beats and basslines from.
Definitely keep us posted on what works (especially if it’s free lol)
permalink   coruscate Wed, Jan 10, 2024 @ 10:48 PM
Oh that particular one works great. The one I linked you to? I’ve split Sam’s multiple times right now and I’ve even split apart. The base and the vocals from the “duck and cover” psa for the song mix.
permalink   Thu, Jan 11, 2024 @ 11:35 AM
Cool. Great Voice.
permalink   coruscate Thu, Jan 11, 2024 @ 1:39 PM
Thank you, I appreciate the compliment.