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Let's Stop The War!
by Alex
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Sun, Jul 12, 2009 @ 10:51 AM

Uses samples from:

permalink   Sun, Jul 12, 2009 @ 1:28 PM
Really like the live feel of this mix…brings out the rough edges in the words and vocal track. Tons of energy in the drum track too!
permalink   Sun, Jul 12, 2009 @ 3:33 PM
truly an outstanding pella & some awesome music (and drums) to back it up. very much of a front row 60’s rock concert feel. okay, i’m ready to burn one and picket somebody!
permalink   Sun, Jul 12, 2009 @ 8:21 PM
I really like how u worked the vox in this mix..and the drums… just one word.: Amazing!
permalink   Mon, Jul 13, 2009 @ 1:00 AM
I must admit, the drums do seem a bit much at times, but I love the way you’ve brought out the early-mid 70’s hard rock feel to the material. I’m going to go listen to some Deep Purple and Bad Company now ;-)
permalink   Mon, Jul 13, 2009 @ 7:28 AM
Insane drums!!!! Wow. Talk about a boost to my morning coffee! This totally ramped me up for my day! Thanks — I needed that!
Joshua Hults
permalink   Wed, Jul 15, 2009 @ 2:41 AM
i actually enjoy this greatly, never hearing the words separate from the music, its hard to tell that they ever where apart. With this said, i think the drums are amazing, i love the realness of the sound, i understand the mix completely and thank you for sharing !! FAVORITE RITE AFTER I SEND THIS !!
permalink   Sat, Aug 22, 2009 @ 4:46 PM
If I didn’t know it was a mix, I would have thought that this was a live show recording. That was incredible.