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deadpan (woodshopart):

Reviews left by deadpan

Tue, Feb 14 12:01 AM deadpan review of Borrow and (Take 2) by ASHWAN
this is sa lammin artwork. seriously. me and my kid bob on this all the way to...
Mon, Feb 13 11:28 PM deadpan review of c Thing by duncan_beattie
you and this make time stop
Sun, Feb 5 9:07 PM deadpan review of Return of the Boom Bap (Blip) by ASHWAN
smokeee, dedicated 2U ASH fi stars evy time
Sun, Feb 5 8:47 PM deadpan review of small thing by penston
s'nice. dreamy.
Wed, Nov 23 5:44 PM deadpan review of JAZZ DUB EXCURSION by HAUS33
yes. My mentor and friend, Ashwan speaks volumes. If there was a battle cry in...
Wed, Nov 2 9:23 AM deadpan review of BLAZE by ASHWAN
well ya know, isa ras clad licks mi brada, continual
Mon, Sep 12 5:15 PM deadpan review of Coast 2 Coast (j.lang, g.wills)ashwanrmx by ASHWAN
school much? damn that's hot.
Tue, Aug 30 5:56 PM deadpan review of Stop it by Fujimo
good, with or without glitch clicks
Tue, Aug 30 5:49 PM deadpan review of break by penston
nice, short
Tue, Aug 30 5:40 PM deadpan review of Cuckoo Folklore (VynilRobMix) by VynilRob
nice, and noddy 5 far it
Thu, Aug 18 5:56 PM deadpan review of CAN'T WE (REMIX) by ASHWAN
yeah man, like cdk's counsel... i wish you peace my friend, don't carry society...
Tue, Aug 16 5:05 PM deadpan review of DEUTSCHE'n'FACE by ASHWAN
wow wan. this is of extraordinary quality...not extraordinary for you, just ext...
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