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Wed, Jan 26 5:52 PM victor review of Sem Cantores by eibe
I don't envy the judges in this contest. This is another excellent entry.
Wed, Jan 26 5:49 PM victor review of No (SOL's Reversal Remix) by Sound of Light
So I love this remix, it's really well conceived and executed. ...but I have ...
Mon, Jan 24 7:31 PM victor review of starting the car by Joi - Permission Granted
Hey Joi, welcome to mixter, great first go -- remixing lessig is a challenge, hi...
Mon, Jan 24 11:43 AM victor review of Enjoying The Storm From Inside by
Having pitch shifted the bass part it would have cool to change up the chord pro...
Mon, Jan 24 9:34 AM victor review of Making Me Nervous by Cezary Ostrowski
Brad is putting together a album of remixes and this is one of the best ones I'v...
Sun, Jan 23 3:30 PM victor review of fake sitting by bend, sinister
This is a great piece of work, I love it.
Fri, Jan 21 10:09 AM victor review of Be Brave (Vocals) by Norine Braun
I 've always loved this track (so much so I remixed 'em) -- I love the performan...
Tue, Jan 11 8:26 PM victor review of Wadidyusay (Beatgorilla's 28 grams REMIX) by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
You've really got the touch. This is sweeeet.
Mon, Jan 10 4:55 PM victor review of Blackout by sunbyrn
Strange and beautiful, jarring and comforting. I love a piece of music that show...
Wed, Jan 5 6:26 AM victor review of no meaning no remastered (eminent fury rmx) by Monty Arnold
(dam.) (speechless.)
Sat, Jan 1 11:26 AM victor review of two letters by sHORT fACED bEAR
This is a really, really neat idea. Some (unsolicited) suggestions: - Encode ...
Thu, Dec 30 6:16 AM victor review of My Life by Colin Mutchler
This is a great addition to the sample pool. Thanks for uploading this!
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