Reviews left by victor

Wed, Feb 2 9:05 AM victor review of On Fire by davi roque de souza
god I love this track but it's a little too distorted. I'm assuming you where go...
Mon, Jan 31 1:35 PM victor review of Horla by The fog society
Wow, great job.
Sun, Jan 30 1:54 PM victor review of Life on Planet Me by Sizzy in da Hizzy
I must be schizo. Great.
Sun, Jan 30 1:53 PM victor review of Mourning Glori Militia Mix by Sizzy in da Hizzy
I don't know, I've been listen to Sizzy again and I'm loving it. I guess I'm jus...
Sun, Jan 30 9:50 AM victor review of I'll Tell You What You Need by Djaii (as "Kyro")
Ah, more breaks! I really like it. The vocals samples are actually not even need...
Sun, Jan 30 8:58 AM victor review of Gettin' busy by djkrizs
Wow, this is a five star remix for sure and it makes me wish we had more breakbe...
Thu, Jan 27 3:04 PM victor review of 1stTryAtASong by Urban Core
Listen well fellow mixters: I've been around long enough to know we're all going...
Wed, Jan 26 6:21 PM victor review of Kotsuujuutai by teru
This is really, really outstanding. I'm jealous.
Wed, Jan 26 6:04 PM victor review of NO CHANCE by ASHWAN
hmmmmm. more sample material. Any chance you can upload just the bass loops (if ...
Wed, Jan 26 6:02 PM victor review of NO(ashwan premix inst.) by ASHWAN
I love your mixes, what can I say. This sounds very pro to me.
Wed, Jan 26 5:58 PM victor review of Quem Sabe by eibe
Ya! Your mixes are simple and sometimes that detracts a little but this one is r...
Wed, Jan 26 5:55 PM victor review of Calmae by eibe
Clever idea, well executed, but I kind of "got it" 30 seconds into it...
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