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Mon, Feb 28 7:48 PM victor review of Full Moon In Eden by shockshadow
another 9 min. piece -- now I'm *really* jealous. I'm not sure why you marked...
Mon, Feb 28 7:40 PM victor review of A Night In the Desert by shockshadow
woa, 9 min. -- the time alone is epic. ;) This is a download, it's really bea...
Mon, Feb 28 6:55 AM victor review of CHILLA ILLA THA CILLA KILLA by ASHWAN
very A3 -- the combination of you two guys is just crazy
Sat, Feb 26 9:28 AM victor review of Excepting this Fat Reaction by Minus Kelvin
(gush gush gushy gush) you're an "instant download" for me, ...
Sat, Feb 26 9:18 AM victor review of Girl by Cezary Ostrowski
Of course this is great. (And I say that knowing the risk of being called "...
Fri, Feb 25 7:57 AM victor review of Destruição em massa by KAFAR
Short but sweet. I love the dirty feel. This is pretty cool.
Wed, Feb 23 1:25 PM victor review of The Same But Different (Brilliant Day Boogie Mix) by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
It feels damn good to know I'm not vibing all alone in the dark.. are you kdd...
Tue, Feb 22 11:57 AM victor review of Washing A Load by Minus Kelvin
ok, I'm a fan. Some people got it and you're one.
Tue, Feb 22 7:36 AM victor review of Tupelo by Minus Kelvin
oh man I love this track.
Mon, Feb 21 6:57 PM victor review of segment1 by catpaw
I think I'm going to stop reviewing your stuff because, quite frankly, I don't f...
Mon, Feb 21 9:18 AM victor review of Fuckin' Rock! beat construction kit by Gerador Zero
dude this is amazing, thanks.
Mon, Feb 21 9:17 AM victor review of SMITTEN KITTEN by ASHWAN
Mixters' first love song? 5+
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