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Reviews left by OakHonour

Sun, May 7 4:05 AM OakHonour review of For Those of You Making Some Noise by teru
Excellent :) I love that half-speed break down
Fri, Feb 10 2:19 PM OakHonour review of Sound From Our Souls by Minus Kelvin
This is a masterpiece, I love it!
Tue, Sep 6 8:56 PM OakHonour review of rescue new orleans remix by meech_young
Not my preferred style either, but you did it well. Great vocal production, it ...
Tue, Sep 6 8:42 PM OakHonour review of Norine session -BeBrave club mix- by CoffeeTrim
Agree with zrox - a great track, but I'd have liked to hear a new melody introdu...
Tue, Sep 6 8:32 PM OakHonour review of Sacamano by Click
How cool is this track!? I loved the journey - thanks.
Tue, Sep 6 8:26 PM OakHonour review of Son of a Hobo by ASHWAN
Great track. As a variation, I'd deffinately like to hear it remixed with a dif...
Tue, Sep 6 8:17 PM OakHonour review of Coast 2 Coast (Atari 2600 Mix) by Dex Aquaireean
Nice groove to this track. I really like the stereo placement of the pieces... ...
Sun, Jul 31 1:50 PM OakHonour review of Stranger From Below by Trifonic
This is the sort of remix I've been wanting to hear! Very creative use of Melod...
Sun, Jul 24 2:18 PM OakHonour review of Cuckoo (passive-aggressive mix) by cinematrik
This site inspired me to remix, but the quality of this track makes me want to g...
Sun, Jul 24 2:09 PM OakHonour review of beLOW - wOOdy-LSD-PROmixx by wOOdy
Excellent! Complete madness, but with just enough of a beat and repetition to h...
Sun, Jul 24 2:03 PM OakHonour review of Below 142 (fhank house mix) by Budapest BluesBoy
Really enjoyed this track, gives a new mood to the vocals.