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Reviews left by Stohgs

Wed, May 8 2:14 PM Stohgs review of Eight By Seven by Radioontheshelf
Woah ! I am enjoying this creation. Very cool capture combo with that guitar and...
Wed, May 8 2:12 PM Stohgs review of The thing by Robbero
Excellent retro vibe and tone. Heavily reminds me to older dance music days. Nic...
Wed, May 8 2:10 PM Stohgs review of Love That Slumbers by cwbfoley
Excellent vocal work and idea cwbfoley. Perfect capture. I wanted to try somethi...
Thu, Jun 15 11:44 AM Stohgs review of IRL THEME by Angel_Dwyer_Byrne
Interesting mix. Whats IRL stand for in this song? Nice type of sounds and struc...
Thu, Jun 15 11:25 AM Stohgs review of Bass17w19 by rocavaco
Wow, what you did is very nice! Thank you for taking me along this sonic journey...
Wed, Aug 3 4:31 PM Stohgs review of Falling by Snowflake
Awesome Work Snowflake! Thank you very much for letting us use your voice. You a...
Wed, Aug 3 10:46 AM Stohgs review of just spittin by FORENSIC
Yo whats good 4nsic? This and This all you do pellas are really coo and delivere...
Tue, Jun 14 12:58 PM Stohgs review of Worth It Then And Now by Speck
Def worth it! Very nice creation ty for sharing.
Tue, Jun 14 12:51 PM Stohgs review of Maid Of Culmore (Instrumental) by Javolenus
Amazing work!
Mon, Mar 21 9:35 AM Stohgs review of live percussions by Stefan Kartenberg
Wow, very nice live percs. Good layers, a crowd gatherer. Keep making em!
Mon, Mar 21 9:34 AM Stohgs review of Z by reiswerk
Ha, that's pretty cool. Catchy groove. Keep doing it!
Mon, Mar 21 9:32 AM Stohgs review of A Wonderful Lie by Rewob
Excellent. Yes it was a wonderful lie on the real.
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