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Marco Trovatello (marco_t)

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During the nineties, Marco was a bass guitarist with various indie rock bands. In early 2000, he began producing electronic or respectively electroacoustic instrumental music as Schmitz & Niebuhr. The duo released one EP and one album. In between a few more solo and band appearances, he delivered his first solo album in May 2012, released on Cologne, Germany based Netaudio label Here, Marco’s original instrument - the bass guitar and related instruments such as the Bass VI – play an important role, next to various other electronic and acoustic instruments and samples.

He amalgamates these sounds to some kind of neo post rock, which, on the one hand, is full of references to classic bands of the genre. On the other hand, his music develops to his very own, sometimes a bit kraut-ish style by providing his tracks with unexpected twists and pop-y melodies.
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