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Sat, Jun 20 7:30 AM musicbrain review of Don't Look Any Further by Soulja Unit
I am wondering whether this is within the limits of copyright protection. It see...
Sat, May 4 6:03 AM musicbrain review of Morning Blues by Admiral Bob
Oh my gosh, 'tis such a classically played blues tune it hit my heart instantly ...
Mon, Apr 15 1:00 PM musicbrain review of Primitive Dance by Apoxode
Wild and fun. A very creative mix and a cool groove. Thanks a lot for sharing it...
Tue, Dec 18 8:07 AM musicbrain review of Now is the time by martinsea
Brilliant the way how you emphasised central parts of SackJo's words.
Sun, Dec 16 2:56 PM musicbrain review of midwinter by airtone
Sun, Dec 16 2:38 PM musicbrain review of Top of the Mountain by Kara Square
Oh my, this's really beautiful. You've gave Mr. Yesterday's song a wonderfully a...
Sun, Dec 16 2:00 PM musicbrain review of Little reindeer by Stefan Kartenberg
Such a nice swinging mellow song. Wonderful.
Sun, Dec 16 1:54 PM musicbrain review of Xena's Kiss / Medea's Kiss by mwic
I like the offbeats and accentuated disharmonics a lot. My fav remix so far amon...
Sun, Dec 16 1:33 PM musicbrain review of The Holly and the Ivy (Rising Sun Mix) by Snowflake
So beautiful. You've put a magic light to the original song.
Sun, Dec 16 1:26 PM musicbrain review of Hippy Christmas by septahelix
That's fun to listen to. I see Goa folks dancing at a tribalish christmas celebr...
Sun, Dec 16 1:17 PM musicbrain review of Who really knows about Christmas? by Siobhan Dakay
Wonderful feather light sound without any christmas kitsch.
Sun, Dec 16 9:23 AM musicbrain review of Thou Shalt Not Kill (Surrender Your Weapons) by Snowflake
True forever. And so brilliantly spoken. Thank you.
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