Reviews left by ifupdown

Mon, Oct 15 2:07 PM ifupdown review of He Forges Mighty Armour (pella) by Admiral Bob
what a great acappella, thanks for sharing! i`ll definitely try to do something ...
Mon, Oct 15 1:57 PM ifupdown review of The MOOn by Loveshadow
really nice ambient texture, well done!
Sat, Jun 30 3:24 PM ifupdown review of The Countdown by rohas_hussein
nice to hear some dnb stuff here and I like the arrangement and mix a lot!
Fri, Jun 15 1:53 PM ifupdown review of Faye Charles - Onto You (Numeronology Mix) by Numeron
this feels really evil/ dark (because of the pad), I like that a lot, great harm...
Thu, Jun 7 1:15 PM ifupdown review of CHAT SO MUCH (prod DJ RUFFSHRAKER) by BOCREW LAB
nice, this has a lot of energy, really great
Thu, May 31 1:43 PM ifupdown review of Schizophrenia by CSoul
you really made it sound schizophrenic (in a good way). i like this experimental...
Wed, May 23 4:29 PM ifupdown review of PAY ATTENTION (prod DJ RUFFSHRAKER) by BOCREW LAB
fits very good with the vocals. i like that the bass isn`t too prominent all the...
Mon, May 14 10:41 AM ifupdown review of Am80-GTR-VolumePedalImpro by Javolenus
very cool i like it a lot! It has a great mood. did you use a volume pedal or is...
Wed, May 9 4:26 PM ifupdown review of Vero by grapes
the guitars sound really great and the bass is awesome. love it!
Wed, May 9 4:20 PM ifupdown review of Simple Hello by Jeris
great, I love it. the trumpets sound kind of sad to me, I like that.
Wed, May 9 4:13 PM ifupdown review of Detachment by Zep Hurme
this is nice, I like the cut up vocals and the drums sound really great
Wed, May 9 4:08 PM ifupdown review of Jammy Bastard by Sturzstrom
I like the way you differentiated the snare, its a nice way to keep it interesti...