Reviews left by frankmarquis

Sat, Jan 3 7:16 PM frankmarquis review of Fall To Pieces (JDG Remix) by Justin de Guzman
great mix man...those vocals are perfect and the beat is killer
Fri, Mar 28 2:01 PM frankmarquis review of Blue Skys by Tekno_Eddy
this is my favorite track of yours did a really great job with this.....
Thu, Mar 20 2:00 PM frankmarquis review of Black Is The Night [Omni Vista's Deep Mix] by Omni Vista
really great job on this one man....simply perfect
Thu, Mar 20 11:59 AM frankmarquis review of remember this(moondub mix) by moondub
this is really smooth man...cold and chilling....very great mix...i really love ...
Thu, Mar 20 11:54 AM frankmarquis review of violinear by moondub
man...this is really it...just beautiful in every way
Wed, Mar 19 11:31 AM frankmarquis review of Dreamers Choise (Short mix) by George_Ellinas
very cool mix man...the backing music is awesome
Wed, Mar 19 5:05 AM frankmarquis review of Shayef Nafsak (kilim mix) by duckett
man this is great did a very good job with fitting styles together......
Wed, Mar 19 4:59 AM frankmarquis review of Midnight Theme (cdk mix) by cdk
beautful job man...really good job all the way through
Tue, Mar 18 6:10 AM frankmarquis review of Histoire de Musique by Scott Altham
awesome the whole idea of this track
Tue, Mar 18 6:03 AM frankmarquis review of The Acorns. Seedin Time in The Oak Room. by Loveshadow
man nice job on this one....sounds the whole vibe
Mon, Mar 17 11:19 AM frankmarquis review of April (After the Rain Remix) by George_Ellinas you goose bumps how the synth and bass fit the vocal...j...
Mon, Mar 17 11:09 AM frankmarquis review of May (Not May remix) by George_Ellinas
excellent work the trance feel....excellent work with pella to man
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