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Reviews left by essesq

Sat, Oct 13 4:33 PM essesq review of The MeSSage by Loveshadow
Agreed. 'Nuf said.
Thu, Sep 20 7:37 PM essesq review of D#100-Odayam by Javolenus
This is really nice :-).
Thu, Sep 20 7:30 PM essesq review of C#m95-LetterFromElena by Javolenus
Very pretty :-).
Thu, Sep 20 7:19 PM essesq review of Skull fairs of the Underworld by Wired Ant
Very cool. Love the groove on this one. I'll be interested to see what the dow...
Thu, Sep 20 7:14 PM essesq review of Ambient Improv by duckett
Great sound but that duck has got to learn to settle down into the lotus positio...
Thu, Sep 20 7:08 PM essesq review of A Sketch of ANA by mando_curious
Can't go wrong with West Africa! Thanks for bringing this stuff to ccMixter. I...
Thu, Sep 20 6:53 PM essesq review of My Heart Beats So Fast by Loveshadow
Yup...Love it!
Thu, Sep 20 4:24 PM essesq review of Cathedral Steps by Javolenus
Funny... I hit the rec button before I listened by accident. Luckily I like thi...
Thu, Sep 20 4:03 PM essesq review of Piano Doodles 6 by AT
Very nice... you've got some fleet fingers there (please don't tell me it's all...
Wed, Sep 19 7:28 PM essesq review of 21 (for Jaime) by debbizo
This is extraordinary Deb. An incredible piece of emotion and imagery. Intimat...
Fri, Sep 14 7:18 AM essesq review of Officer Down by Loveshadow
Very interesting combination here. I actually listened to Mr. Kettle's (not on ...
Fri, Sep 14 7:07 AM essesq review of You Won't Say Love by Loveshadow
The old romantic strikes again...:-)... It's date night for your ears :-).
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