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Fri, May 24 10:50 AM essesq review of Our Whole World ( Big Boys Don't cry Mix ) by Loveshadow
Oops..missed this one...Very pretty...and I think they might...:-)
Thu, May 23 11:19 AM essesq review of Our Whole World by Loveshadow
A canvas painted in sound...absolutely lovely :-). Production is often a gimmic...
Sat, Apr 20 1:33 PM essesq review of Fire , Love & Dream by CSoul
Fun mash up. Thanks for including me.
Mon, Apr 1 7:06 PM essesq review of pieCES ( j&L Mix ) by Loveshadow
Oh had me with the silk sheets...
Mon, Apr 1 7:03 PM essesq review of pieCES ( the wrong reason ) by Loveshadow
Happy happy headphones :-). Super rich sound, crazy amazing
Tue, Dec 25 5:04 AM essesq review of Guess What You're getting for Christmas ? by Loveshadow
Santa found his way into a house with no chimney after all. I knew there was a ...
Wed, Dec 5 6:48 PM essesq review of The Little Things by Loveshadow
I have to set something straight here. This song is not simple, imho. In fact ...
Wed, Dec 5 11:55 AM essesq review of The Little Things ( Vocals ) by Loveshadow
Exceptionally well done. When's the holiday record coming out already?
Wed, Dec 5 11:13 AM essesq review of Little Things by texasradiofish
I've seen LS pop up in a lot of strange places but never imagined him in a pot o...
Mon, Nov 19 11:46 AM essesq review of Mother Earth Samples by Loveshadow
No reviews and no remixes...:-(...I'll have to fix that. :-)... We must champio...
Mon, Nov 19 6:08 AM essesq review of ****The Heart That Beats ***** by Loveshadow
Lovely, tender and bittersweet. The holidays in a nutshell....
Thu, Nov 15 5:48 AM essesq review of Pressure by spinmeister
Nice one. You could have added more of that guitar playing. I was waiting for ...
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