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Reviews left by djolliej

Mon, Sep 17 10:32 AM djolliej review of dont you get me? by urmymuse
Whoa! What a great track! I love the guitar. That sample you chose works so well...
Sun, Jun 17 7:24 PM djolliej review of All Grown Up by CSoul
Having been assigned you for this latest remix event, I got a chance to listen t...
Sun, Jun 17 7:18 PM djolliej review of Time by debbizo
Thank you for this excellent remix. I always love hearing someone lay down some ...
Sun, Jun 17 7:16 PM djolliej review of Being Human by Vidian
Something about this mix makes me think of The Octopus Project. It's like I am a...
Mon, Apr 2 5:30 AM djolliej review of Angels Flying (ft Ghost Kollective) by SackJo22
This is a beautiful mix. I really enjoyed listening to this.
Sun, Apr 1 5:11 PM djolliej review of Ad Astra (nostalgia mix) by Nethis
Wasn't even in 2 minutes tto this track and my mind is bowqn,,,,keeepp spittin'
Fri, Mar 23 3:40 AM djolliej review of Melodies in My Head vocals by lauradee
You have a wonderful voice. I wish you had more material to work with :).
Sat, Feb 25 11:13 AM djolliej review of Follow My Footsteps: A Song Collage (ft Spinningmerkaba) by SackJo22
Such a laid back groove, especially the first half. I love the mix of vocals. Th...
Sat, Feb 25 11:05 AM djolliej review of Luv Em or Leave Em by copperhead
F'ing awesome is all I can say. I am so glad I got the chance to listen to a lot...
Sat, Feb 25 10:57 AM djolliej review of What do you do with the Poem by Vidian
Great mix V. I like how the track slows and then picks back up. Lot's of energy ...
Sat, Feb 25 10:48 AM djolliej review of Start Each Day With Love by Alex
This is definitely a feel good track. Well done!
Sat, Feb 25 10:46 AM djolliej review of I Won't Play by Admiral Bob
This is awesome. The guitar riffs work so well. Beautifully composed.
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