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Reviews left by aurorahaze

Fri, Apr 24 4:47 PM aurorahaze review of From a Minor to a Major by radiotimes
hey great mix funky- a little jazz good beat and touch of humour. very creativ...
Mon, Apr 20 9:06 AM aurorahaze review of Sentimental Journey by radiotimes
a beautiful composition, better than my version i have to admit. as for the vo...
Wed, Apr 8 5:07 PM aurorahaze review of spring song by oldDog
This music captures the irish style so well..wheres my guinness AH
Wed, Apr 8 4:55 PM aurorahaze review of Lorelei by Bluemillenium
this is so,i like it as it is. AH
Wed, Apr 8 7:40 AM aurorahaze review of Rubin Drew - Title TBD 1 by shagrugge
love the humour..chuckle nice one
Sun, Apr 5 12:33 PM aurorahaze review of Kutiman Interview 70Bpm by error404
this is my favourite of the three mixes you made.. its very sensual hey why not...
Sat, Apr 4 8:05 PM aurorahaze review of Kutiman Can't Sleep Either by ScOmBer
i like the funky beat in this,and guitar is cool,good mix. AH
Sat, Apr 4 11:00 AM aurorahaze review of Kutiman Interview (2 parts) by sparkcbc
Long but great fun kept me amused
Fri, Apr 3 4:42 AM aurorahaze review of Willing to Wait (A Cappella) by ScOmBer
Love this one has lots of potential course im probably not experienced enough t...
Fri, Mar 27 4:01 PM aurorahaze review of All It Takes (Be a Man) by Scott Altham
really loved this one nice work
Wed, Mar 25 3:42 PM aurorahaze review of Lies (Acappella) by Trifonic
all i could say was wow... amazing vocals who could not be tempted to incorpora...