Branching Out Secret Mixter

Reviews left by YimAir

Wed, Jun 2 12:38 PM YimAir review of Catch Me If You Can by Blake
Hot shit man, as usual. I'd love to collab w ya sometime.
Tue, May 18 12:04 PM YimAir review of Six Feet Under by MC Jack in the Box
My god man, this is really effing good
Wed, Oct 7 5:27 PM YimAir review of Waste of TV ( Forensic mix) by FORENSIC
wow this beat is bananas! Very current too.
Sun, Dec 7 1:14 PM YimAir review of So Heavy (A Capella) by Kaer Trouz
Your vocals were easy to work with on the track. I added some effects and it wo...
Tue, Dec 2 7:23 PM YimAir review of SLOW YOUR ROLL by FORENSIC
This track is incredible. I'm making a track for this as we speak.
Sat, Nov 29 3:18 PM YimAir review of Magic In Your Eyes by Kruzzial
Wow--very, very nice!
Wed, Feb 13 8:36 PM YimAir review of What I Gotta Do [lo tag blanco mix] by lo tag blanco
This is nasty. We need to collab sometime man.
Tue, Jun 26 8:12 AM YimAir review of Celebrity [Omni Vista's Lazy Summer Mix] by Omni Vista
Incredible mix. I just remixed this track, but wow you set the bar high!
Tue, Jun 26 8:09 AM YimAir review of Last Stand (on the run mix) by DJ BLUE
Excellent track! Sounds like it should be on a movie soundtrack.
Tue, Apr 3 12:21 PM YimAir review of Kill Kill Kill (-temto. remix) by -temto.
This is very nice, man. Production quality is superb. Excellent work, overall.