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So Heavy (A Capella)

uploaded: Sat, Jun 14, 2008 @ 10:04 AM
byKaer Trouz
FeaturingTeru & His Caravan
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Ableton Live 6 & I are going through a divorce. It’s ugly & bitter. Live is taking all the CPU and refusing to render down anything remotely listenable. So here on garageband, the little engine that can sometimes, if you give it a few samples. I apologize that there is a bunch of space and pauses here. One f-word towards the end of the song.
Also, I couldn’t download the little midi wah wah samples and piano line sorry. And I apologise in advance for trying to beatbox like a Parisian man and also for scat singing in the middle of this whole crazy mess.

Look at the clouds so swollen and pink in the sky
the dogwoods are raining their babies in white fluffy disguise
and I should feel so light and happy
unicorns should be swimming in my eyes but they’re not
it’s so heavy I’m so heavy
and the unicorns sing
doo doo doo doo

There I was so young & feeling really free
an august sun was searing into my dress and a black cherry coke can filled with vodka that would eventually lead me into a darkness that got so heavy it nearly killed me
The days are long like cranes and heavy (Unscat)

I’m not going to smile as I make my way down these trash strewn streets they can try & sanitize relocate the poverty
and you ask he
hey girl so pretty
why not smiling and I say
F** you
cuz I’m heavy so heavy
not like Satie
and the unicorns sing doo doo doodooooooooo

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"So Heavy (A Capella)"
by Kaer Trouz

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