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Wed, Oct 5 11:25 PM Wired Ant review of Native American Flute in F# Improv 1 by ephemeral rift
Great stem! Transferring my mind instantly to a distant quite landscape!
Wed, Oct 5 8:49 AM Wired Ant review of Stems - Free (let the dolphins go) by Ivan Chew
This is the song your hear after passing the walls and the barricades!
Tue, Oct 4 11:39 AM Wired Ant review of We by jameswomack
Great song, tasty laconic vocals and a lot of Brian Eno in it! Love it!
Tue, Oct 4 11:31 AM Wired Ant review of Longman by jameswomack
The Longman in sound clothing of the hang man - cool!
Mon, Oct 3 3:03 PM Wired Ant review of Wake Up America by spinningmerkaba
Strong and honest sung! I am with you!
Mon, Oct 3 12:39 PM Wired Ant review of Everything I ever want by ScOmBer
Compliments for composing this song and compliments to sassygal and unreal_dm! T...
Mon, Oct 3 10:51 AM Wired Ant review of Submatic & FreeBird - Endless Night (feat. Snowflake) by FreeBird
Great track and very skilled fitting of snowflakes great voice! Special regards ...
Mon, Oct 3 10:44 AM Wired Ant review of Straight to the Light by Snowflake
This is the stuff evergreens are made of! Respect!
Mon, Oct 3 10:35 AM Wired Ant review of The Phoenix feat. Eshar46 by Even After
Splendid dance track and a lot of nice filter works and not to forget the witty ...
Sun, Oct 2 9:26 AM Wired Ant review of White In The Moon by Briareus
Love this searing guitar and the woven instrumental layers orbiting around the ...
Fri, Sep 30 12:44 PM Wired Ant review of Don't Give Up by Zep Hurme
Whole lotta rough zeppin! Cool how you sharpened the vocals!
Thu, Sep 29 10:58 PM Wired Ant review of Magic In Your Eyes by Gonzo
Wonderfull piece of music! Nice warm tight bass and keyboard layers!
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