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Mon, Oct 24 9:46 AM Wired Ant review of There's No Escaping by CSoul
Very moving track, well done and transporting honest sympathy for the victims!
Mon, Oct 24 9:29 AM Wired Ant review of illusioni by Javolenus
Cool track and very nice instrumentation! Yes - the end is faded out very quick ...
Sun, Oct 23 4:13 AM Wired Ant review of Growing (Creep Mix) stems included by stellarartwars
Very good arrangement and a good smack of soul!
Sat, Oct 22 7:50 AM Wired Ant review of Until the Cows come Home (We shall walk in Circles) by annabloom
DonĀ“t know if this will catch the cow before sunset,but for sure you caught me ...
Fri, Oct 21 5:53 AM Wired Ant review of Wake Up America by unreal_dm
Eagles over America - great!
Thu, Oct 20 11:32 PM Wired Ant review of Deep in the Catacombs by ephemeral rift
This is eerie for sure, but at the other hand my Dada-Soul deep down in my Catac...
Thu, Oct 20 11:26 PM Wired Ant review of Yellow River Rooster by septahelix
Brilliant mix with multiple layers! Some sound tribal, then it evokes a distant ...
Wed, Oct 19 11:19 PM Wired Ant review of Alpha Particle - Build (ft. Mind Map That!) by Alpha_Particle
Very good track! Like this 80ties feeling of bands like Propaganda. Awesome how ...
Tue, Oct 18 11:18 PM Wired Ant review of Invocations of the Apprentice by ephemeral rift
Sounds very experienced and skilled! Love these sounds! Very good!
Tue, Oct 18 11:11 PM Wired Ant review of Here They Come Again by Jeris
M a g n i f i q u e !!!
Mon, Oct 17 11:34 PM Wired Ant review of Life is Strange by septahelix
Great chilling opus! Love how all your layers are woven one into the other and c...
Mon, Oct 17 11:02 PM Wired Ant review of When My Spirit Calls - Native American Flute in F# by ephemeral rift
You beam me to fresh wide grass landscapes, feeling the soil and a distant rumbl...
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