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Reviews left by Vidian

Sat, Mar 9 3:51 AM Vidian review of Follow by Michelle Noel
cool upload & welcome!
Sun, Feb 11 10:43 AM Vidian review of Vidian (in the house) by musikpirat
Very cool, dark house track. Snowflake such a badass :P
Sun, Feb 11 10:39 AM Vidian review of Vidius by musikpirat
Lets f&%#ing gooooo So cool hearing some of my favorite songs represented here ...
Thu, Jan 25 5:31 AM Vidian review of Grail by Anchor
chilling vocals
Sat, May 13 1:56 AM Vidian review of Into The Cave With Nick (Sin Palabras Remix) by Ben Blohowiak
love this
Tue, Jan 31 11:44 PM Vidian review of Transmutate (pell) by Snowflake
Just wow.
Sun, Feb 27 6:26 PM Vidian review of Imagining Imaginal by SackJo22
Feel like I'm tripping out in an LA parking lot espousing these words into my so...
Sun, Feb 27 6:14 PM Vidian review of Listen by Mana Junkie
Such a great addition to the drumkit. Very Hong Kong 2046
Sun, Feb 27 6:03 PM Vidian review of Blue (Imaginal Cell) by 7OOP3D
Damn, reminds me of Delirium. Back when they were good.
Sun, Feb 27 9:42 AM Vidian review of Life Goes On (Imaginal Cell secret mix) by Rewob
what a cool blend of familiar sounds. those parts where you add your own sound...
Wed, Dec 1 4:12 AM Vidian review of Fierce Love by raja_ffm
great treatment! Like a concert under the stars
Thu, Dec 24 5:22 AM Vidian review of moonlight by airtone
Everything you touch turns to air :)
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