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Reviews left by Syenta

Fri, Jan 9 11:53 PM Syenta review of My Time by Alex
This is one real smooth sound, love it!
Tue, Sep 16 3:32 AM Syenta review of Brazilian Mix by texasradiofish
That is one cool groove.
Sun, Dec 8 2:21 AM Syenta review of Hey Bird by Linden Tree
A saucy minx of a sound if there is such a thing. ;-)
Sun, May 5 11:25 PM Syenta review of Who's The Man (Ft Kara Square) by Quarkstar
I just love the Flamenco guitar. It's use here is very original and totally unex...
Sat, May 4 2:08 PM Syenta review of Destination Unknown (A Cappella) by Donnie Ozone
Great words and very thought provoking.
Fri, May 3 4:56 AM Syenta review of To Be Sensitive feat. Kara Square by Doxent Zsigmond
A truly sensuous sound covered in deep, rich velvet.
Fri, May 3 4:48 AM Syenta review of Just In a Phase - Brad Sucks (Piero Peluche remix) by Piero Peluche
Very 1970's sound fantastic.
Sat, Mar 23 2:02 AM Syenta review of pieCES ( the wrong reason ) by Loveshadow
A great track. Very Kylie Minogue in the sound and feel.
Thu, Feb 28 5:58 PM Syenta review of Father and Son by radiotimes
A great professional sound which I am sure many other Mixters will come to love,...
Thu, Feb 28 5:49 PM Syenta review of If I by texasradiofish
A fantastically cool, smooth sound, congratulations.
Sat, Nov 24 6:56 AM Syenta review of The Happiness of Larry by radiotimes
A fantastically professional sounding catchy song. The style sounds very U2 "I S...
Sat, Nov 24 3:08 AM Syenta review of Cm95-ScarboroughFair(straight_four) by Javolenus
As a Scot it pains me to say this sounds great. ;-) In fact I prefer this versio...
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