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Morusque (Nurykabe):

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Tue, Aug 30 1:01 PM Morusque review of Water by Vidian
I'm not sure what you were trying to do with the dynamic around the last third o...
Sun, Jul 3 7:53 AM Morusque review of such a fine young man by DoKashiteru
Super cool.
Sun, Nov 7 2:36 PM Morusque review of 260809 Funky Nurykabe by spinningmerkaba
That's so cool ! I never thought somebody would make a melody and a whole tune o...
Mon, Oct 18 2:04 PM Morusque review of So Weird (Mix) by William Berry
Oh ! I remember you told me almost two years ago that you were remixing this tun...
Sun, Mar 21 10:34 AM Morusque review of Constructions normales (Je ne suis pas un remix) by vo1k1
Oh nice ! I like it. Just out of curiosity where in the mix did you use the 'inu...
Wed, Nov 4 11:03 AM Morusque review of Ner'Tommo fant-ja Iodh serr naki-å by HEKTOR THILLET (coffeeeurope)
I like it a lot. These percussions and vocal tracks fit well with my pads, too.
Fri, Sep 11 1:53 PM Morusque review of Timeless Stone by PorchCat
Very strange ! :)
Tue, Aug 18 9:07 AM Morusque review of Nasobem by Niemandsland
I like it a lot !
Sat, Feb 21 5:23 PM Morusque review of Southern Service Brighton by morgantj
Great !!
Sat, Feb 21 4:28 PM Morusque review of Forest House by fourtrack
I didn't find a voice to put on it, but it's nice with the flugelhorn too !
Mon, Feb 16 12:47 PM Morusque review of Parametaphoriquement by gmz
Very very cool ! I like it.
Sun, Jan 25 11:38 AM Morusque review of café connection by morgantj
Wow, so cool ! Many thanks for this.
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