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Reviews left by K_James

Tue, Oct 6 10:35 PM K_James review of ONLYLUV by Loveshadow
Really sets a nice mood- very mellow.
Sun, Jan 25 10:24 AM K_James review of Dream of Flight (Techno Twang Mix) by spinmeister
Dreamy twangy .. indeed! This is just wonderful! Love the tempo, the arrangement...
Tue, Jan 13 6:12 PM K_James review of My Dream of Flight by wellman
Showcases the vocals beautifully, and soars! Very nice!
Mon, Jan 12 8:42 PM K_James review of The Forest by onlymeith
Very nice- I think I agree about the beats, but wow, lush chords and backing, an...
Tue, Sep 2 12:41 AM K_James review of Matter Of Time - Shannon Hurley Scott Curry Remix by Scott Curry
Rockin'! Good feel to it, nice guitar bits!
Mon, Sep 1 10:16 AM K_James review of by Nitropox@CCmixter
.. freakin' awesome! Love the breaks, the effects, the spoken, it's beautifully ...
Sat, Aug 30 10:11 AM K_James review of 2025 by DoKashiteru
Well done! Not a boring moment in the whole song. Nice sounds, great arrangement...
Mon, Aug 25 11:31 AM K_James review of It Was 1972 by Lasswell
Pure soulful genius!
Mon, Aug 25 11:24 AM K_James review of 1972. The LS Solar Reprise by Loveshadow
Love it!
Sun, Aug 24 12:35 PM K_James review of Magic Eye (Ants Smoove Groove Mix) by Ant
Most excellent! Wow, love the sound, the groove, the song! Nicely done.
Sat, Aug 23 10:17 AM K_James review of One Sided Love Affair by radiotimes
Love those lyrics! Song has a great feel to it, well done!
Wed, Aug 20 12:33 AM K_James review of Skyline Mix by Lasswell
I've been listening to this for several days and I love it. Really sets a mood. ...