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Reviews left by Jihfa

Sun, Sep 27 8:47 AM Jihfa review of Still Love You. by Loveshadow
The electric piano.. i looove it!!! Great remix as always
Wed, Aug 26 12:08 PM Jihfa review of BoomBapBop by Speck
yeah! cool combination. thanks for including my samples.
Mon, Jul 27 3:29 PM Jihfa review of Count On Me by Zep Hurme
so sensual, great track Zep.
Fri, Jul 3 3:24 AM Jihfa review of I'd Still Love You by Zep Hurme
directly in my car playlist.
Fri, Jul 3 3:15 AM Jihfa review of I Can't Breathe (septahelix remix) by septahelix
Great! [/up
Fri, Jul 3 3:11 AM Jihfa review of Too Late (dotjot dance the pain away mix) by dotjot
unconventional, very interesting
Fri, Jul 3 3:07 AM Jihfa review of Won't ask you why/Try Again. by Loveshadow
Great production
Sat, May 23 5:40 AM Jihfa review of As We Begin Again by Speck
It's a dub trip! Creative as always. Thanks for using my samples
Sun, Apr 26 11:30 AM Jihfa review of Outside Boom Jam by septahelix
Interesting work. I like the way you play with the samples. Just the bassline do...
Fri, Apr 24 5:26 AM Jihfa review of Tha Crash ( J.Lang Remix ) by J.Lang
Old school flavor. So cool!
Fri, Oct 13 4:27 AM Jihfa review of He Follows - Kara Square and Piero Peluche by Piero Peluche
my favorite version
Sun, Nov 6 12:14 PM Jihfa review of Jefferson Walk by Robbero
Dope! Great Track!
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