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Reviews left by Fonik

Thu, Jun 21 4:49 PM Fonik review of Reverse World by Abhi S.V.
you really flipped the mood on his vocal. very nice mix.
Thu, Jun 21 4:47 PM Fonik review of Yesterdays ( Reggaeton Stylee ) by Paulus
I never thought Id hear my flows on this type of beat, but we are feelin this ma...
Wed, Jun 13 5:15 PM Fonik review of You Asked For It 2 (FF remix) by FGrn Grn
Nice work here. the vocal is well synced and on time. Sounds great. I like the p...
Sun, Jun 10 8:24 AM Fonik review of You asked.. by bombero
Very nice job on this mix. I like the variations of cuts, versus the same repeat...
Wed, Jun 6 3:54 PM Fonik review of Killafonk.. by bombero
wow, that beat is super funky man. i dig it. it fits the tone of voice well. tha...
Mon, Jun 4 8:03 PM Fonik review of Unresolved (Fonik's Episode) by misterC
Thank you for this man. I love the bass line. I wish it was longer as well. but ...
Mon, Jun 4 7:59 PM Fonik review of face the wind by deaddragoncarcass
wow man. i really like this mix. thank you very much.
Sun, Jun 3 9:00 PM Fonik review of ALL I DO by FORENSIC
check out the remix I did with this vocal.
Sun, Apr 1 10:28 PM Fonik review of phunwitfonix by duckett
very cool man. thanks for using my accapella. I wish i knew about this place a l...
Sun, Apr 1 10:26 PM Fonik review of Ouatozepal you.. by bombero
hell yeah man, I like what you've done here. thanks.
Sun, Apr 1 12:37 PM Fonik review of Kill Kill Kill [Airhead Remix] by airhead
Impressive mix, you really flipped the vibe to some thought provoking ish. Nice...