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Toronto,ON-Faded Millions presents his brand new hit single Type of Girl produced by Xcalibur Zero taken from the album titled A Faded Summer. Type of Girl is a fresh track that features a powerful bass line teamed with striking sensual lyrics about the epitome of the fantasy girl. Here the multi-talented rapper, record producer and entrepreneur hailing from Toronto, Canada, reveals his favourite lines from the track: ” We don’t understand each other but we get down to business, but its funny how we understand how to fuck isn’t it?.”

Type of Girl is bold in delivery. The lively new single is the perfect summer jam for the club and even for cruising in a car. Type of Girl is a catchy and infectious anthem that emits energized vibes mixed with electro sounds which are complimented by Faded Millions’ tight flow. With it’s high production values Type of Girl is a multi-layered song that successfully blends rap and with dance influences together to achieve a futuristic sounding anthem.

The track fits nicely into the Faded Millions album which is diverse in its offering and content.

Faded Millions explores themes of making it in the music business such as success, ambition, haters and enjoying the fruits of hard work. Faded Millions is a rapper that strives to present an authentic picture of his musical journey to his fans. At the very heart of his album is a desire to achieve more and move others to ultimately do the same. The musician says “My music is filled with life experiences and as I continue to grow my music will grow as well.”

Notable tracks on the Album include the gritty I Ain’t a Killer which deals with the self conflict of being tempted by haters and resistance to overcome such challenges. What’s My Name is a fully loaded track celebrating the accumulation of wealth while Super Rich is dedicated to enjoying the luxurious things in life. Other stand out tracks on the album include, Money on my mind, Overnight,White Phantom, and I Guarantee. Faded Millions is an inspiring body of work from an independent, emerging artist. The album is a showcase of raw talent expressing a mixture of emotions including everything from passions, fun to frustrations. Type of Girl is the leading single from the album and is a timely release for the summer season.
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