Abstract Audio (Citizen_X0):
Sun, Oct 29 9:48 AM The Big OT :: Happy Birthday ccMixter
Happy birthday!! How old are we?
Sun, Oct 29 1:57 AM Announcements :: Ghost Notes
So I'm not the only one, pfieuw
Mon, Oct 2 3:08 PM Announcements :: Ghost Notes
Your more than wecome, its my kind of sound. I just love ambiance in music espec...
Mon, Oct 2 3:00 AM Announcements :: Ghost Notes
Right up my ally Will do some digging thru my old projects to see if there ar...
Fri, Sep 22 7:17 AM Features :: Remix event idea: "Buried Treasure Challenge"?
I had been thinking of something similair. A remix event around a certain year f...
Wed, Sep 13 12:39 PM Announcements :: Reviews = Swag!
Can i buy one if i'm not the winner?? Or a hoody??
Mon, Sep 11 12:08 AM Bugs :: player not working
Really happy with this new player!! Superb B-)
Sun, Sep 3 7:25 PM Pluggy Plugs :: Typherix ft Citizen X - Fucking shit (nsfw!!!!)
Just completly forgot to plug my first commercial release.Typherix ft Citizen X ...
Thu, Jul 27 12:20 PM Help :: Are you receiving ccMixter emails?
Kick Still no notifications in my mail
Wed, Jul 12 10:54 AM Help :: Uploading won't work
I'm trying to add a samplepack to one of my songs. I select the file (.zip) star...
Sat, Jul 1 5:41 PM Help :: Are you receiving ccMixter emails?
Still not receiving any mails from ccM, I have followed the steps in the OP.
Sat, Apr 29 4:34 PM Help :: Stream all tracks
When I'm at someones upload page I'd like to play all sonngs as a playlist. I co...
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