Deep Roots Remix Event
Abstract Audio (Citizen_X0):
Wed, Nov 2 6:19 AM DIY :: which software/tool you use to create music?
I started with music maker but currently I'm using FL Studio and I doubt I'll ev...
Fri, Oct 28 1:45 PM Announcements :: Happy 7th Birthday ccMixter!
Happy Birthday!! "Expand your horizon In all directions at once"
Wed, Oct 26 9:24 PM Announcements :: Harvest Moon Secret Mixter
As allways really looking forward to this event. Like copperfield says some of t...
Fri, Sep 30 7:12 AM DIY :: need music as background of an highspeed racinggame
Some stuff I did might be usefull:
Fri, Sep 30 7:04 AM Features :: Negative tags?
you can also use the same thing here on this site look here too see how to do...
Fri, Sep 30 12:40 AM Bugs :: acappellas???
Just want to give this threat a kick because the problem still isn't fixed
Mon, Aug 22 4:22 AM RFP Discussions :: Categorizing by key
It might even learn me what is what :)
Sun, Aug 21 11:22 PM RFP Discussions :: Categorizing by key
I do support this idea, but I'm gonna have trouble with this. I have know clue a...
Fri, Aug 12 8:09 AM The Big OT :: new email
My email account has been compromised as some of you might have noticed by the s...
Sat, Jul 30 6:35 PM The Big OT :: baloon beats
even better a complete show this man is a genius live in the underbelly
Sat, Jul 30 5:53 PM The Big OT :: baloon beats
He's great :) Via one of the comments I found this guy beardyman
Fri, Jul 22 10:57 AM The Big OT :: baloon beats
for those of you who are looking for new rythm instruments or just like original...
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