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by Admiral Bob
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Sat, Nov 23, 2019 @ 9:00 PM

Uses samples from:


Tools I Used

Akai LPD8, Korg NanoKey 2, Fender Telecaster, Garageband

Samples I Used

Autumn Blues by Stefan Kartenberg (the two guitars, and both piano lines)

Original Samples

The song didn't have bass or percussion, so I added those, and I added a guitar part. At the end of the song, I added a pad in the style of the fake pad I created out of the guitar, and I added a left hand piano part to piano line 1.


I took the left acoustic guitar and converted it to MIDI, and then ran it through a space pad sound, and converted it back to audio. I put in the piano 1 sample with lots of piano-ification done to it via effects, and added a left hand piano part on the NanoKey.

Then I added the guitars left and right. I played a drum part into the Akai drum pad, then I took piano 2, and put it into a guitar amp, and dialled up the distortion and tremolo. The pulsing feedback at the end is that piano... hard rock Marshall amped piano. :)

Then I added a real guitar to match the tone and style of the piano I turned into a guitar and punched in two guitar solos.

Then I sang a thing. :)

Other Notes

I had not worked with Stefan's material before, which is a mystery to me. I'm drawn to the musicians' musicians here, like unreal_dm, Siobhan Dakay, and snowflake, so I don't know how I missed working with him.