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I like it like That(s.thaens)
by stefsax
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Mon, Nov 12, 2007 @ 3:46 AM

Uses samples from:


Tools I Used

-Logic express with a lot of vst-plugins.
-VS-880ex mixer
-mic's: sennheiser e845&AKG c1000s
-Izotope(ozone3) for mastering

Samples I Used

Trompet,drums&percussion Samples from bucky jonson(ccmixter)

Original Samples

I play & recording the sax,rhythm&solo guitar,bass and on keyboards the vibe&organ.


-Synthesizers:Roland E-80&JX-305(vibe&organ)
-Sax alt:buffet(solo centerpart)
-Sax tenor:selmer mark 6"my good old favorte inst."(melody&solo on end)
-Guitar:jay turso(rythm&solo)
-Bass:Aria pro
-Amp:Org. 50' Fender princeton reverb(a showpiece)


First a put the samples"trompet,drums&percussion"in it.
Recording than the guitar.I'm not a good guitar player but i try,try,try.....The most important thing for me is the timbre(sound) on guitar.
Then play bass on it,vibe,organ and sax.
The inspiration of the melodie&chords in the secondpart is based on "summer in the city"!!
You can hear two saxen on it,one high(middel) and one low(left),in octaves and guitar(right).
It gives a special timbre these instruments together.
Play some solos with sax and guitar then go mixing(panning,Eq,effects....)
After the mixing i put it in Izotope(izone) for a little mastering.
Thats all folks.

Other Notes

The song was actually born because I was at the tampering with the new guitar from my girlfriend that I had bought for her birthday.
It is not a fender or gibson guitar(I have no money for) but a cheap (copy gibson) guitar.
I was looking for a sound (I love timbres) with my fantastic fender amplifier and recorder the first chords and so did the rest.
Enjoy listening,

stefsax(stefan thaens)