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Winter Coat (Scomberina at age 12)

uploaded: Sun, Aug 1, 2010 @ 3:54 AM last modified: Mon, Aug 2, 2010 @ 12:20 AM  (replace)
FeaturingScomberina, Leza2unes, Gurdonark, DJ Snyder, Loveshadow
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The song uses house and funk drums slightly panned in opposite directions with MIDI driven moogish bass plugin. The bass patterns and arrangement are a cross between Lady Gaga Just Dance, Taste of Honey Boogie Oogie Oogie and some tangents.

Accents provided by Loveshadow, Gurdonark, Dj Snyder, sleigh bells, synth and horns. Power hits courtesy of Dora Malaia (r.i.p.) The combination of Leza2unes through a vocoder, sleigh bells, Loveshadow and Gurdonark is based on the same in Otra White Cube.

Wrt Scomberina’s vocals, tempo is 171 bpm pell over a 119 bpm song. The fit is okay. Deleted some phrases that didn’t fit well. Settled on C minor for the instruments then ran the lead vocal through Limiter—>GSnap—>Ozone Alloy—>Limiter—>Fruity Love Philter—>Limiter. Rarely use this many plugins on vocal but wanted to give the voice consistent power and edge to cut through the heavy rhythm. For tonal accents, reused the words winter, coat and scent routed through a vocoder with a flange pulse synth timbre set to Eb and C.

Alternative mix: adjusted the bass pattern in a few places to better support the vocal. Took some bottom off the voice to reduce the “in a box” sound.

Scomber … dude!

"Winter Coat (Scomberina at age 12)"
by texasradiofish

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