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So Sad

uploaded: Fri, Sep 28, 2012 @ 1:33 PM
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She stares out the window
Street bathed in the sun
Like all the other children
She should be having fun
But there on the screen
Words written with knives
By ordinary girls
Living ordinary lives
She picks up her pillow
And squeezes it so tight
And tries to hide the feeling
Of maybe giving up the fight

And she hurts in ways she shouldnt know
And shes scared but she never lets it show
And she cries and the tears fall to the floor
After twelve short years she doesn’t want to be here anymore

So sad
Its so sad
Its so sad

In a shop doorway
He’s shaking with fear
Because The hooded covered faces
Are waiting somewhere near
They say that he must pay
Cos he doesn’t look the same
And he’s broken all the rules
Of their sick and twisted game
He’s trying to find a route
To make it home a different way
And be thankful for the fact
He’s made it through another day

And he hurts in ways he should’nt know
And he’s scared but he never lets it show
And he tries so hard to be his fathers son
But this fourteen year old boy is already on the run

So sad
It’s so sad
It’s so sad

She’s cleaning up the wall
From another broken plate
She’s telling all her friends
That everything is great
She signed to be his wife
She didn’t sign to be abused
She asked for hearts and flowers
But got battered and bruised
She picks up the table
And the pepper and the salt
And in this old familiar fable believes that this is all her fault

And she hurts in ways he’ll never know
And she’s scared and thats what she needs to show
And her body is numbing to the pain
And she waits in silence for it to start again

Its so sad
Its so sad
Its so sad
Its so sad

"So Sad"
by teamrufeless

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