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Dancing Like A Maniac (Vocals)

uploaded: Sat, Sep 27, 2014 @ 6:36 PM
bySybil Smith
FeaturingShay Mayweather
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You can catch me on the Milky Way
Sipping on some lemonade
Music so loud that it’s tickling my vertebrae
Hyper of some Gatorade, Brighter than the month of May
People want to wear me like some type of women body spray
I see you in your Pontiac drinking on some cognac
While I’m up in my spaceship laughing at your phony act
Look at me I’m so relax why you not sitting
I using enormous syllables you baby talking similac
Dancing like a maniac pulling all these crazy acts
Don’t believe in sleep I’m a natural born insomniac

Come chill with me on Jupiter instead of getting stupider
No more straight thoughts my thoughts are perpendicular
Your eyes tell me your feeling my flow is so Nigeria
My rhymes are so superior so sick causing malaria
Warnings get your tickets early galaxy
Let’s pull an all-nighter get stuck in someone’s fantasy
Shut your eyes pay close attention huh
I’m never ending I’m a run on sentence huh
If you start don’t worry I will finish
Be free get loose like it aint nobody’s business
Life is not a fairytale but we can live it just as well
I can make your body rock or I can make your body swell
It’s always good to be prepared you have no time for being scared
Forget what people have to say I love the fact that I am weird!
And I’m dancing like a maniac.

The A Cappella to one of my newer songs “Dancing Like A Maniac!”

You can get the full song for free right here!

"Dancing Like A Maniac (Vocals)"
by Sybil Smith

2014 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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