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Intergalactic Journey

uploaded: Wed, Jun 3, 2009 @ 9:41 PM last modified: Wed, Jun 3, 2009 @ 10:14 PM  (add)
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The main file is a rough mix, the individual tracks are in secondary files.

History: These tracks were composed and created in support of an older remix of mine.

Note the CC0 - meaning you can do anything you want with it, don’t even have to attribute.

Key: Bm

If you want to re-assemble the full draft mix from the individual parts, here are the starting bars for the individual tracks (please note that mp3 files always have a few milliseconds of silence at the beginning as an artifact of the mp3 encoding process, so if you want to be precise, you’ll have to nudge each of the tracks ever so slightly to the left).

12stringPad: bar 13
SynthStrings: bar 53
SynthSolo: bar 85
ArpeggiatedSynthBreak: bar 70
SynthBass: bar 5
ArpeggiatedSynthMain: bar 1
SparklingPad: bar 5
Drums: bar 13

Chord progression

bar 1-4: G - Em - F#m - F#
bar 5-12: Bm - F#m - A - E - G - Em - F#m - F#
bar 13-20: repeat previous
bar 21-28: Bm - F#m/A - G - Bm7 - Em - E7sus4/9 - F#7sus4 - F#
bar 29-36: repeat previous
bar 37-31: Bm - A - Em - F#
bar 32-52: keep repeating previous
bar 53-60: Bm - A - Em - A - Bm - G - Em - G#dim
bar 61-68: repeat previous
bar 69: drum break
bar 70-77: same as bar 21-28
bar 78-121: keep repeating: Bm - A - Em - F#
bar 122-129: same as bar 5-12
bar 130: B (major!)

I tried to reconstruct all of this as best as I could, but if you find an error here, or have a question, leave a comment or send me an email.

"Intergalactic Journey"
by spinmeister

Creative Commons
CC0 (CC Zero)

The artist has waived all rights. Click here for more information.