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I Am A Binding Coil

uploaded: Tue, May 17, 2022 @ 4:45 AM last modified: Tue, May 17, 2022 @ 4:46 AM  (add)
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Just some nonsense comprised mostly of a kid’s keyboard (toy keyboard from the thrift shop that simply says ‘kids’ on it) and a phonorgan (also from the thrift shop).

And some words (tts):

I am a binding coil.

What is a binding coil?

I don’t know.

Then why do you call yourself one?

What do you call yourself?

I don’t call myself.

Why not?

I don’t have a phone.

Why don’t you have a phone?

I don’t need one.

If you had a phone you could ask it for me what a binding coil is.

Don’t you have a phone?


Why not?

I’m a binding coil.

Contents of ZIP Archive: B C samples

  • /binding coil 01b start.flac (737.65KB)
  • /kids keyboard 01a perc.flac (260.50KB)
  • /kids keyboard 02a perc.flac (165.20KB)
  • /kids keyboard 03a.flac (324.41KB)
  • /kids keyboard 04a.flac (290.25KB)
  • /kids keyboard 05a.flac (323.43KB)
  • /kids keyboard 06a.flac (159.18KB)
  • /kids keyboard 07a.flac (760.12KB)
  • /kids keyboard 08a perc.flac (134.80KB)
  • /kids keyboard 09a.flac (184.76KB)
  • /kids keyboard 10a.flac (233.32KB)
  • /kids keyboard 11a.flac (559.91KB)
  • /kids keyboard 11b.flac (253.77KB)
  • /kids keyboard 12a.flac (589.61KB)
  • /kids keyboard 12b.flac (265.26KB)
  • /kids keyboard 13a start.flac (108.87KB)
  • /kids keyboard 14a.flac (291.22KB)
  • /kids keyboard 14b.flac (121.93KB)
  • /kids keyboard 14c.flac (125.56KB)
  • /metronome 01a.flac (156.36KB)
  • /phonorgan 01a.flac (1.20MB)
  • /phonorgan 01b.flac (2.27MB)
  • /phonorgan 01c.flac (4.22MB)
  • /phonorgan 01d.flac (4.05MB)
  • /phonorgan 02a.flac (347.54KB)
  • /phonorgan 02b.flac (352.66KB)
  • /phonorgan 03a.flac (1.75MB)
  • /phonorgan 03b.flac (1.78MB)
  • /phonorgan 04a.flac (2.33MB)
  • /phonorgan 04b.flac (4.30MB)
  • /phonorgan 05a.flac (623.53KB)
  • /phonorgan 05b.flac (1.95MB)
  • /phonorgan 06a.flac (2.15MB)
  • /phonorgan 06b.flac (6.51MB)
  • /voc female whole 01b.flac (623.94KB)
  • /voc male whole 01b.flac (759.32KB)

"I Am A Binding Coil"
by Speck

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