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Freedom (In America)

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Thanks to TRF for providing the instrumental and singerevita for the badadas (which I altered a bit).

I seem to be just getting more and more cynical. I should probably stop reading the news.

In America you are as free
as the size of your bank account
In America you are as free
as the color of your skin
In America you are as free
as free as your connections
In America you are as free
as your willingness to sin

In America you can say anything
in your effort to procure
and if it doesn’t work to your advantage
you’re free to do an apology tour

In America you’re free to do unto others
regardless of what they’ve done unto you
Next time you drive past that man in the gutter
rejoice in the lie that he’s free too
on your way to the Walmart to pick up a gun
to shoot in your backyard with your buddies for fun
Relish your freedom to feel like a man
Piss off your neighbors ‘cause the law says you can

Here freedom’s just another word
for for you I don’t care
cause I don’t think that you were even born here
with that dark skin and hair
I was so I’m free to be
obnoxious and dumb
I’m free to say such hurtful things as
Go back where you’re from

In America if you’re a racist
you didn’t always want them to see
but now we have a racist leader
the racists finally feel free

"Freedom (In America)"
by Speck

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