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Cut Off Your Head

uploaded: Thu, Oct 27, 2022 @ 9:36 PM last modified: Thu, Oct 27, 2022 @ 11:53 PM  (replace)
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Couldn’t resist writing this little ditty after hearing cube3’s tension-filled The Disturbance.

Inspired by the poet Kabir.

Happy 18th Birthday ccMixter!!

Cut Off Your Head
by Madam Snowflake

My beloved provokingly said
“My dear you must cut off your head.”
But if I lose my mind
What pain will I find
In my cells where my fear hides instead?

The future consumes me with dread
From terrors seemed destined ahead
“We are doomed!” I profess
I think therefore I’m hopeless
He repeats, “You must cut off your head.”

My faculties hang by a thread
Should I release? Have I been misled?
Am I spinning insane
With this wheel for a brain
He cries out, “Cut off your head!”

A vision appears of my Deathbed
My pale emptied veins have been bled
Stabbed, I’ve been broken apart
By a wounded, agonized heart
My head is gone, but my soul lives instead.

"Cut Off Your Head"
by Snowflake

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Add a little horror to your Halloween! Snowflake created a haunting spoken word to accompany cube3’s tension-filled orchestral instrumental. Chilling and thought-provoking… but then… must we, too, cut off our heads?

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