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Cut Off Your Head (spoken word)

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This is the pell for my remix Cut Off Your Head.

Happy Birthday ccMixter! 18!!! Happy Halloween everyone :)

Cut Off Your Head
by Madam Snowflake

My beloved provokingly said
“My dear you must cut off your head.”
But if I lose my mind
What pain will I find
In my cells where my fear hides instead?

The future consumes me with dread
From terrors seemed destined ahead
“We are doomed!” I profess
I think therefore I’m hopeless
He repeats, “You must cut off your head.”

My faculties hang by a thread
Should I release? Have I been misled?
Am I spinning insane
With this wheel for a brain
He cries out, “Cut off your head!”

A vision appears of my Deathbed
My pale emptied veins have been bled
Stabbed, I’ve been broken apart
By a wounded, agonized heart
My head is gone, but my soul lives instead.

"Cut Off Your Head (spoken word)"
by Snowflake

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