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Here are some thoughts and reflections as we transition into 2014. It is a little lengthy and could probably be chopped into a few different mixes…(Hoping for a house remix, ambient remix, weirdbient remix, a glitch remix, a rock remix, a pop remix, etc. hahah)…. :D

Happy New Year!

Upon a day, a month, a year
One face in the mirror
Yet another sees with these eyes

I am the observer, fully present
While also revisiting the past
I am Still,
Yet relinquishing time on its wheel
Where no moment will continue to last

This annually recurring week of darkness
Is a symbol
These few days like floating between death and new life
I am a soul pulled through a white tunnel of light
And then, with but a turn, the New Year arrives

Can I stop?
This ever-pressing forward motion?
Standing, breathing, expanding
In this peaceful, glorious Now?
Feel detachment from nostalgically drowning emotion
From all that has passed and gone
Yet all of this memory is alive in me somehow

The earth in her perfect precision
Has swung again ‘round the ever-burning sun
But my little life seems balanced on a scale measured differently
Scenes spliced together are its collective sum
Just another tiny human existence
Just one small heart beating, quietly
Almost silently

What is breath?
What is life?
What is my play on this stage
So frequently wrought with beauty and also strife?

Is it love?
To have, to hold, to twirl as a whirling dervish
Elevated by desire, intoxicated by ecstatic joy?
Or, just the mere opportunity to inhale
The evening fragrance of sweet citrus blossoms and
At the rich red, orange and purples of the painted sky ceiling at sunset
To relish in the returning dawn chorus resounding from the canyon’s trees
Or to rest peacefully on a warm afternoon while the fountain sings
And Golden fish dance beneath the pink lotus, her petals blooming once more,
As persistent as each moon phase
And reliable as is my Lover’s deep affection?

My Soul feeds upon this beauty
It wells within me
Like a cup of wine

There need be no answer.
Only this tender moment
Where awe and gratitude reside
Where ethereal warmth renews cells, heart, spirit
Where love is
All there is.

And so, dear reflection
Another New Year commences
Let us celebrate with all life, our kin!
For we
My Beloved,
Are yet again
Here again
To begin.

by Snowflake

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Creative Commons
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