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Panu's latin Doppelgänger

uploaded: Thu, Feb 12, 2009 @ 12:57 AM
FeaturingPanu Moon & Cdala
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It is said that every person has an analogue of themselves somewhere in the world.
A “Doppelganger”.
I found mine, La Scombe; (a mild mannered sanitary worker from Barcelona Spain who plays a ruby encrusted silver nose flute) a few years back and we have kept in regular contact.
This morning he sent me a recording he bootlegged last Sunday at his local Border’s Bookstore & Tapas Bar.
The muso’s name was Manu Poon of an unknown gypsy/Eastern European/Nth Korean extraction and he played the accordion with such gay abandon not seen in those parts since David Beckham lived up the road.
He played a kind of weird bossa /samba set that sort of free formed and floated around the busy bookstore until people started to rip out pages from the nearest bestseller and pile them into a big fire they had started in front of the band.

Jokes aside, this is the 8th out of 365 possible heresies that I will be tried for the next time I fly into Espana.

I know its my second mix for the day, but I’ll be mysteriously absent tomorrow because I need to do a few things (ie shower, shave, eat, & upload to my new website etc).
Thank you Cdala for such incredible work on the squeeze box; sadly the most forgotten/underutilized instrument at the Grammys this year.
And Panu, I’ve found your Latin twin! Email me and I’ll put you in contact..
And then get Manu to send me some stems so I can plant them on CCM later tonight and smokem up tomorrow 8-0}
I hope I haven’t repeated your faux pas Panu !
S x

"Panu's latin Doppelgänger"
by ScOmBer

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