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I am Cold (with Blue Lips too)

uploaded: Thu, Jan 29, 2009 @ 5:23 PM
FeaturingKristin Hersh & InteractiveStageshow (ft Eugene) & John Anealio
BPM118 ish
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I’m progressively uploading some tracks for scenes 6 through to 13 that may (or may not) form part of the serial playlist “ Blue Lips, Loose Hips”.

This track is for a scene where Anchors girlfriend Kate (doing her first solo performance for the play) is laying in a drawer in the Paris Morgue all cold and blue, wondering what Anchor is doing to help her, and lamenting her life of excess and fame.
The actress that plays Kate came to the musical directors lounge one evening and complained to me that she didn’t have any singing parts yet, and she was sick & tired of just laying down on a bed half naked and the constant blue light was giving her headaches.

I left work last night after recording the keyboards and bass parts to this song and it was getting much too late to think of some drums.
Low and behold, I get to work the next morning, visit the mixing room and there is a little brown bag waiting for me on the console.
Inside is a CD, I open the case, and throw it into the deck and listen - Its the track that I left incomplete last night now with added drums

I asked around the office if any one had an idea who the mystery drummer was. No one knew a thing. They all gave me an even blanker look than usual.

It was bugging me all morning so I went down stairs to see old Harry in security.
He located the tape for the studio area and we sat down and watched, eating his corned beef and hot pickle sandwiches.
We rolled the tape. At 2.09am, a strange shadowy figure enters the studio, sits at the master console and arms the mics in the drum room and strips down to a set of shiny Lycra tights similar to what Superman would wear.
I asked Harry to isolate the mystery man’s face as he sat still at the drum set waiting for the first intro click.
It was Eugene. When we employed him, he came to the interview wearing a red T_Shirt with a nerdy picture of one of those organ grinder monkeys bashing a pair of cymbals. We assumed that was all he did and he got the the job as Head of the Cymbal Dept; a very important role in musical theater.

After listening again I can’t believe he’s this good using his other appendages.
So long Sol, hello Eugene?
Please help.

"I am Cold (with Blue Lips too)"
by ScOmBer

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